• Welcome To The Soda Pop Army

    Welcome To The Sodapop Army! We are a profound, productive and prominent army, we will eradicate all conceided individuals who oppose us and our cause. We will fight for our inner most desires and aspire to become the greatest cp army of all time! Join now and help us cream and dispose of our enemies in a blaze of fury and greatness.
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1.Cp/xat user


3.active 1-10

1.Lord Turtle/bowser1231

2.Leading neegur


SPA “cokeback”

Lets do this.

1.Training session


25th of August

4:30 PM EST



5:05 EST

3.Recruitng session


CP:5:40 EST

XAT:As long as you can.

4.Active count.




Since the post of shut down was made by LIT mine turtle it was invalid in conclusion spa keeps everything and walks it off also Hippos did not make invasions. Plus I believe main leader of an army must make decision to shut it down since I was not on to authenticate it was invalid! Which means since there were no invasions or scheduled invasions spa keeps all servers , also armies that invaded us had no pics or posts of invasions! Hippos tried to make last minute post today claiming they invaded but since they didn’t post on day of invasion spa keeps as hippos have no proof same with other armies who invaded spa. They did not actually get on servers to claim which means spa keeps ALL servers! 😀 I was worried we almost lost them but I checked sites and saw no posts of invasions The reason they don’t own is because they did not post pics on day of their ”Invasions” and are now trying to put false pics for example hippos are doing this and possibly more armies, in conclusion since the posts are not valid SPA keeps our servers! Although we may have lost Whiteout which is not for sure due to it was a shared server with pirates meaning it was up for grabs for pirates during shut down time so all in all spa lost 1 server possibly.

Picture of MkllAka on his Multi-Logger I like Milk Leader of Hippos sorta admitting we own the servers:


I tony have been gone only 2 days to come back to a army that invalidly shut itself down due to threats by a group and alliance ran I believe by king phooey he had peer pressured Color and other owners to shut SPA down, although this is valid/invalid due to me, being the main leader of SPA not approving of it, valid sortof due to Color a leader of SPA accepting to it, I was not on during these events and am mad, the groups threatened spa that if any Sodapop members were to go on SPA chat they’d be banished from xat and armies which I doubt the people who did this had any power of, basically they lied and made up stories and tricked spa members! We lost a lot of men today due to the lies and shut down and I REFUSE to shut down SPA and make this post be a symbol of revival and saying FUCK YOU to haters and encourages of spas temporary death! IN CONCLUSION SPA IS NO BACK TO STAY FOREVER! Also post of shut down was made by LIT Mine Turtle He did not and still does not have main on chat or on ranks. He was a leader at one point a week or so ago but chat reset due to a deface awhile back so he was replaced in LIT=Leader In Training so the post was both valid and invalid since it was approved by Color50 a SPA leader and posted by Mine turtle Aka Lord a SPA LIT.

Strike of ESCP

Invasion Times

Friday 9/13/13
Server: Cloudy
Times 6 EST 5 CST 4 MST 3 PST

Saturday 9/14/13
Times 7 EST 6 CST 4 MST 3 PST

Take em down guys, they stupid :p

ESCP declares war! lol

Elite Spartans have declared war on us and they are being total n00bs about it.All times are Ausia so all battles will be at like 12:00 AM.We must hope for weekends.It won’t matter though.We will stick kick ass.Times will come soon.


Im Yo New Creamaster (2ic) Aka G-Man

Yo I have actually been watching SPA rise for awhile and I decided to join! I decided to show you my experience so far.

Army Experience:

Lime Green Army Creator
Army Republic 4ic
Water Vikings 4ic
Black Rebels 3ic
Special Weapons And Tactics 4ic
Pretzels 4ic
Miners 3ic
Water Ninjas Leader
Soda Pop Army 2ic
I will help SPA rise even more and I hope to get leader soon 😉

Unscheduled Training Session Results Windchill

Hi SPA troops we did o today with another unsched training session maxing 12-13 averaging 11! OK job SPA troops keep up good work!




Unscheduled Training Session results on Klondike

Hello SPA troops!We did great!We had awesome tactics and great sizes maxing 15 (I think).Anyway lets go on to the pictures.

Notice the n00b trying to f*** us up.

Nice one guys!


SPA Makes Treaty With Pirates

This treaty gives SPA back Windchill and SPA and Pirates Now share Whiteout in full neitheer side having full control, this treaty also states if vilolated before 5 months pass/if  Pirates declare war on they will war give the us 5 free servers due to breaking of treaty, SPA and Pirates arre now allies meaning they maay help us in some wars we will help in others.