• Welcome To The Soda Pop Army

    Welcome To The Sodapop Army! We are a profound, productive and prominent army, we will eradicate all conceided individuals who oppose us and our cause. We will fight for our inner most desires and aspire to become the greatest cp army of all time! Join now and help us cream and dispose of our enemies in a blaze of fury and greatness.
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Unsched Training Event On CreamSoda

We Maxed 7 Not Bad Due To All The Drama On Spa Chat And Our Inactivity We Had Decent Tactics The Event Was Short But Sweet This Was A Ok Kick Off To Our New Begginning I expect 13+ Tommorrow

Tommorrow Starts A New Begginning

Tommorrow We Will Be Having A Few Unscheds And Such At Our Capital Cream Soda! I hope all can attend and that we rise back to where we once were!

Spa Is Not Dead

(Note:We May Possibly Have Lost Servers But As Far As I Can See So Far We Are In Clear:To be Updated)Sorry about last two weeks guys , I got grounded and apparently Eden and Sean were incapable of leading events. Although we had no events the chat had some activity and no one invaded our servers or took them from us meaning we did not lose them or die. Although we have lost our place in SMAC top 10 due to this inactivity, I plan on restoring SPA and rising us back up to where we belong, as for you Eden And Sean we will have a serious discussion about your lack of events the moment I see you. Anyways Spa We shall once again Claim Smac Top 10 Hopefully in the upcomming week.

Im Back!

Sorry guys Ive been grounded 2 days, I did my research and checked spa comments and found no invasions posted from rcp , sp, or sr. Meaning spa has lost no servers all is good!

Retiring SPA.

Winning Fjord

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… RCP didn’t come…

Spa Claims IceCube From Sp

We maxed 4 and Sp did Not Show Up Spa Wins By default! Also 20 mins in ”Sp” Appeared aka Rcp, due to sp using allies and showing up 20 mins late spa still wins!

Spa Claims Marshmellow From Sp

While we faught RCP and defended we sent zander out on a 1 man invasion since Sp did not show up Spa autowon this! It does count due to Sp not showing and spa having another event at this time. We had to split up. Zander got 1 rogue maxing about 2 he got us 2 pics!

Spa wins defense against RCP- Battle For Mountain = Success

Spa maxed 7 and averged 6 while RCP averaged 4 throughout 20 mins of event then turned around in end  and got 6 max but since they fleed rooms and spa was bigger for bigger portion of time Spa wins! Rcp averaged 3 at town/ beggining about 4-5 icebreaker and 6 at dojo…While spa averaged 6 at all and maxed 7 at dojo!

Spa loses Husky And Halfpipe, But We Keep Walrus And Puddle

Sorry about delay in post.Today SP took Halfpipe from us. We will avenge it. Also we keep walrus as ONCE again Sp doesnt comment on our site OR give 24 hour notice -.-…. Also we keep puddle as sp did not show up to their invasion.