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Stealth Division

Hello Soda Pops

So I have gotten information that we are at war with Redemption Force. RF gotten in CPAC, and so did we in our 1st generations. I lead armies through hard times, and we need a division. This will be called Stealth Division.

Uniform #1

Basically Stealth is a Hide and Seek. The enemy hide and we seek.

How does This Work?

Your coach will play his whistle and you have to go to rooms. If you found the enemy, call in an owner. They will check, so then the owner will call the leaders and troops. Also, Stealth, you need to block the entrance. When we do E + T emoji, race out of guarding and join with us.

Thats the Stealth Division. To join, copy the questions and comment them.

Join Questions

1. CP Name

2. Rank on SPA?

3. Experience with Divisions?

One Response

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