• Welcome To The Soda Pop Army

    Welcome To The Sodapop Army! We are a profound, productive and prominent army, we will eradicate all conceided individuals who oppose us and our cause. We will fight for our inner most desires and aspire to become the greatest cp army of all time! Join now and help us cream and dispose of our enemies in a blaze of fury and greatness.
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Beginners Guide


Beginners Guide

Are you knew to Club Penguin Armies? Or even new to Soda Pops?Well this page is for you! This page will help you and teach you a few tricks before going to a battle/event.

What to do when you just joined

First you should put “Soda Pop’ in your name to make it 100% that you’ve joined. If you don’t know how to change your name this is how: Select your name and add the intials SPA to your name at the end or beginning.



Then when you’ve done all that you should start telling your friends about us! The more people you recruit (bring to chat) the more likely your going to get a promotion!


Whats a event or battle?

Answer: An event or battle is when we login Club Penguin with a leader and other fellow troops and simply do emotes together while dancing in a line! You can find the lastest events or battles by clicking here.

Help for tactics below!

Whats Recruiting?

Answer: Recruiting is when you bring a troop to our chat and get them to join. If you recruit enough people you can get a promotion.

Also, when your in Ice Hounds try to come to chat when your on xat, it makes it alot easier when we are going to have a event.

Steps on Recruiting

1.Go to Recruiting chats or any good Club Penguin Chat.

2. Click the user and click “Private Chat”

3. Ask them if they would like to join Soda Pops. Also if they are not in any armies ask them if they would like to know what they are, if so explain to them what we do.

4. If they would like to join link them to xat.com/sodapoparmyofcphq

5. Repeat steps to differant user’s! this is just a helping guide, you can recruit any way you wish!

What does a promotion do to me?

Answer:A promotion is simply something that gets you closer to Moderator/Owner, etc. You want a promotion! The higher the rank you are the higher power you have in this army!

Tips on getting a promotion

1. Come to events or battles

2. Recruit your friends (See above for tips)

3. Be active on chat

4. Be loyal!

Doing Tactics

When you are doing Tactics (Emotes) you should know what tactic is which, below is a picture of each tactic and what it does.

If you can’t see the image above then here is the list:

  • E+1 = Big Grin Emote
  • E+2 = Smiley Emote
  • E+3 = Straight Emote
  • E+4 = Frown Emote
  • E+5 = Surprised Emote
  • E+6 = Tongue Emote
  • E+7 = Wink Emote
  • E+8 = Puke Emote
  • E+9 = Mad Emote
  • E+0 = Sad Emote
  • E+Q = Vanilla Ice Cream Emote
  • E+W = Chocolate Ice Cream Emote
  • E+T = Fart/Music Emote
  • E+U = ” :/ ” Emote
  • E+I = Igloo Emote
  • E+P = Puffle Emote
  • E+D = Sun Emote
  • E+F = Flower Emote
  • E+G = Game Emote
  • E+H = Heart Emote
  • E+K = Cake Emote
  • E+L = Clover Emote
  • E+Z = Pizza Emote
  • E+C = Coffee Emote
  • E+B = Bulb Emote
  • E+N = Moon Emote
  • E+M = Money Emote

Remember to do these tactics for at least 15 seconds each! Remember to comment on events coming up and event results, this will help you get a promotion.


Now you are ready to battle! ~ Soda Pop Leaders

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