• Welcome To The Soda Pop Army

    Welcome To The Sodapop Army! We are a profound, productive and prominent army, we will eradicate all conceided individuals who oppose us and our cause. We will fight for our inner most desires and aspire to become the greatest cp army of all time! Join now and help us cream and dispose of our enemies in a blaze of fury and greatness.
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Recruiting Guide

Recruiting Guide:

Recruiting, is the best way to get more troops on club penguin. Without recruiting, armies would be dead. Recruiting people, into the army can help YOU get a promotion! A promotion is when you rank up and earn Moderator or Owner on our chat and get to do tactics like “E+P”. Follow this quick guide and you will get a promotion in no time! There are two ways of recruiting. Chat recruiting, and Club Penguin Recruiting.
Chat Recruiting: Chat recruiting, is when you go on other club penguin related chats and “Private Chat” people on the chat, to “Join The Soda Pops!” Here are some simple steps of how to chat recruit:

Step One-Choose a Chat








(You can use any other “Club Penguin” related chats you find.”)

Step Two. Private chat the user and say this

Hello there! I have an offer for you, how would you like to join a fun CP army, called the Soda Pops where we have fun snowball fights, and parties! Trust me, you do not want to miss you go to: http://xat.com/sodapoparmyofcphq To Join!
Club Penguin Recruiting: Club Penguin Recruiting, is where you log on Club Penguin then start dancing around and saying phrases like: “Soda Pops!”. Here are some simple steps of how to “Club Penguin” recruit:

Step One- Log onto an 4-5 bar server and wear our Uniform.Then start dancing around, in a area where there are lots of penguins. Do not recruit on a 2 or 3 bar server, unless those are the only servers that are not full.
Step Two- Once you have completed “Step One” start saying phrases like: “WE ARE CP ARMY” “PARTIES!”, “FUN BATTLES!”, “SNOWBALL FIGHTS”, “APPLY FOR A RANK”, “LOOK UP”, “SODA POPS”, “OF CP”, And so on… Try, to do this for as how long you can. You can, bring a friend to help you recruit!

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