• Welcome To The Soda Pop Army

    Welcome To The Sodapop Army! We are a profound, productive and prominent army, we will eradicate all conceided individuals who oppose us and our cause. We will fight for our inner most desires and aspire to become the greatest cp army of all time! Join now and help us cream and dispose of our enemies in a blaze of fury and greatness.
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Explanation: Uniforms are what CP armies wear when they have events or battles. All uniforms are a certain color and usually have a certain type of clothing that everyone wears. The more identical an army looks, the more organised and professional they appear.

Our Colors: Our uniform color is a white body color and red clothes.

Our Uniform:

•Red Bandana
•Red Puffle (optional)
•Red Hat (optional)
•Guitar Shirt
Unlock the Guitar Shirt using this code: MMCODE12

Enter the code here http://play.clubpenguin.com/#/redeem/

Nonmember Uniform:


•Any Red Hoodie
•Red Cape (If you have it)
•Red or White Puffle (optional)

Member Uniforms:



Don’t just copy the pictures, be creative! As long as you have the required clothing depending on if you’re a member or a nonmember, you can mix and match anything else to make it your own special uniform!

4 Responses

  1. i have these clothing.

  2. Anything for Non-Members? I’m one ya know

  3. yo im from DW i say good luck to you all you too tony good luck

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